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How to Make SMS Marketing Your Most Profitable Marketing Platform

Why is SMS marketing so powerful?

SMS marketing is one of the best methods of staying in touch with customers. It reaches a hot market on the go who is primarily communicating through text messaging. With an open rate of over 98%, it makes sense for local businesses to pay attention to this powerful trend and low-cost method of reaching their highest converting market.

With a strategic SMS text marketing plan, local businesses can expect to effectively retain customers, acquire new customers, boost revenues and profits, save on marketing costs, communicate directly with customers, deliver coupons, get reviews, and increase viral sharing.

What are some good ways to use SMS marketing?

  • Let your customer know when their order is ready.
  • Let them know when you have new stock.
  • Introduce them to any specials you may be running.
  • Send them discounts and coupons off their next purchase.
  • Send a special birthday gift to a birthday list.
  • Request reviews in Google and social media sites.
  • Get new customers with offers that entice prospects to join your list.

What are the benefits of SMS marketing?

  • Easily Retain Customers
  • Boost Revenue and Profits
  • Save on Marketing Costs
  • Communicate Directly
  • Deliver Coupons
  • Increase Viral Sharing

How does SMS marketing compare to email and direct mail?

SMS marketing is a medium that is unquestionably far superior to every other strategy for finding, securing, and retaining customers for your business. Text marketing is one of the highest converting forms of direct marketing with an average conversion rate of 8.2%. In comparison, direct mail has an average response rate of 4.4% and email marketing has an average conversion rate of 1.7%.

Why do businesses not use SMS marketing?

Some of the reasons are that they don’t:

  • Know how to set up effective SMS campaigns
  • Have an easy system for sending SMS
  • Know what to send
  • Know how to time SMS for effective results
  • Know how to easily collect their customer’s mobile phone number
  • Know how to get permission.
  • Know how to adhere to compliance regulations.

How can SMS help with customer retention?

One of the most common problems that businesses face is customer retention. While many business owners focus on finding new customers, many forget the power of keeping the customers they already have. Just by building a good relationship with your current customers, it’s possible to become more profitable even without depending on new customer acquisition.

How can I use SMS to acquire new customers?

There are many ways to get prospects to opt-in to your SMS list. Consider offering a free birthday gift that automatically gets delivered by SMS on their birthday. Or offer something else of value that educates prospects about your company and services. This might be a white paper, free presentation or a free report. Once in your list, your prospects have given you permission to send SMS. As long as you provide something they want that is of value and you don’t send SMS too often, chances are they will remain in your list and convert into a customer.

What is Webpuzzlemaster eZ SMS Blaster?

eZSMS Blaster is an SMS blaster platform designed for local business SMS marketing and internal company communication. This easy and affordable SMS system includes these powerful features:

  • Contacts can be imported into specific lists, making it easy to send SMS to selected groups or individuals.
  • Dynamic opt-in forms, each associated with a list and an optional incentive gift, can be embedded in any web page where HTML is supported.
  • A birthday gift opt-in form can be embedded on web pages to enhance sign ups.
  • SMS can be sent immediately or scheduled to align with strategic goals.
  • A robust HTML coupon generator allows for any number of customized coupons to be created with dynamic call to action options. Coupons can be edited, cloned or delected.
  • Coupons can be selected and inserted into the SMS message field with a single click.
  • The system is secure with automated features to assure compliance with SMS text messaging laws.
  • eZ SMS Blaster is available as a WordPress plugin and can be adapted for use in most other website platforms.
  • Support is available for all customers with premium support for deluxe package customers.

All of these features make eZ SMS Blaster an ideal marketing platform designed for customer retention, customer acquisition, and to generate significant revenues for a very low cost.


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