What if You Could Use SMS Marketing From Your Own WordPress Website to Retain Customers, Acquire New Ones, and Grow Profits Fast?

If you're a local business, professional, or retailer, how much business are you losing because you don't have an easy, low cost way to send discounts, coupons, special offers, and customer loyalty rewards in text messages that have a greater than 98% open rate?

Want to Double or Triple Revenues Fast? Now you can and more with eZ SMS BLASTER!

Finally, a Solution for Local Business Designed to Transform Your Results with SMS in Today's Fast-Paced Mobile World

For the first time ever, you can send strategic SMS from your WordPress website. eZ SMS Blaster is an easy, affordable and robust SMS marketing plugin designed to help you grow profits fast from new and existing customers. With eZ SMS Blaster you can overcome the biggest challenges in using SMS marketing with user-friendly software that lets you build massive lists, use advanced targeting, and send SMS at strategic times. You can even make and attach HTML coupons that support clickable actions for immediate sales! 

An SMS System Inspired by Powerful Trends and Facts

  • SMS has an open rate greater than 98%. This provides a powerful opportunity to profit more from existing customers and to acquire new ones.
  • Without custom development, businesses have very limited options for building lists and sending strategic SMS campaigns. eZ SMS Blaster solves those problems with 3 affordable package choices.
  • Deluxe Package with coupon generator allows you to send unlimited HTML coupons with a powerful call to action such as click to call, click to buy, register for event, download report, and more.

What Makes eZ SMS Blaster an Intelligent SMS Delivery System

Send SMS Easily From Your WordPress Site

From one comprehensive and easy to install plugin from their WordPress admin, users can create and manage subscription lists, add subscribers, create targeted opt-in forms with incentives, automate a birthday gift, attach coupons to SMS messages, receive incoming SMS, send SMS at strategic times, and view delivery statistics.

Import and Opt-In Subscribers for Advanced Targeting

  • Create specific lists to allow for advanced targeting.
  • From the admin panel, import or add an existing list of customers manually.
  • Make opt-in forms where each form is associated with a specific list. Add an incentive gift for each opt-in list that the system automatically delivers upon sign up. Embed opt-in forms on web pages to build highly targeted lists.
  • Increase subscriptions from prospects and customers through an opt-in birthday gift form. Even if you don’t have a suitable birthday gift, consider a free dinner from a local restaurant who will gladly donate for the increase publicity and business.

Automate an Incentive Gift to Increase Subscribers in Your Lists

Increase subscribers in your opt-in lists easily when you add an incentive that may be a discount or free gift. These gifts are easily managed from the plugin and can include a PDF media file or a coupon.

Automate the Delivery of Text Messages at Strategic Times

Send SMS immediately or set up and schedule strategic text marketing campaigns to meet your sales and marketing objectives throughout the year.

Use Coupon Generator with Flexible HTML Call-to-Action Options

  • Use built in coupon generator to make unlimited coupons with your brand colors and custom messaging. Once created, view, edit, clone or delete coupons.
  • Easily select and insert any coupon you have created with the system into your text messages.
  • Send coupons with choice of call-to-action options. Choose download only or an HTML option such as click to call, register for event, click to buy or download a digital product.

Don't Have a WordPress Site?

Simply have your developer install WordPress in a sub-folder of your domain. From your WordPress admin, you’ll have full access to all the powerful features of the plugin including opt-in forms that will display and work flawlessly on pages, posts, HTML widgets and pop-overs on your main site. Have no developer? We can install the plugin for you for a very reasonable cost.

Have a CRM or WooCommerce Cart?

Through an API that we provide, you can integrate eZ SMS Blaster with your CRM or WooCommerce cart and automate customer alerts, provide special offers based on purchases, and send messages to customers about their purchases.

Powerful Features of eZ SMS Blaster System

  • Send SMS to individual subscribers.
  • Send SMS to one or more lists.
  • Create and manage unlimited lists.
  • Easily import contacts into lists.
  • View subscriber numbers within each list.
  • Create any number of opt-in forms.
  • Include terms and conditions in opt-in form.
  • Give an opt-in gift as an incentive to join a list.
  • Create a birthday gift opt-in form.
  • Manage birthday gift easily.
  • View character count as you enter message text.
  • Include minified links in text message.
  • Create, edit, and clone coupons from built-in coupon generator.
  • Easily select and insert any coupon.
  • Send coupons with HTML actions, e.g. click to call, buy now.
  • Send SMS immediately or schedule.
  • Receive sent data with each campaign.
  • Buy low-cost SMS credits within your account.
  • View SMS credit balance within your account.

Coupon Template Generator

Design unlimited coupons that you send to your customers through SMS on your own site.
Send HTML Coupons with CLICKABLE Actions like CLICK TO CALL, BUY NOW, REGISTER, DOWNLOAD and others.
  • iPhone with Restaurant Coupon Created with EzSMS Blaster

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