eZ SMS Blaster

An SMS System Inspired by Powerful Trends and Facts

  • SMS has an open rate greater than 98%. This provides a powerful opportunity to profit more from existing customers and to acquire new ones.

  • Without custom development, businesses have very limited options for building lists and sending strategic SMS campaigns. eZ SMS Blaster solves those problems with 3 affordable package choices.

Powerful Features of eZ SMS Blaster System

An easy, versatile, and affordable SMS system, eZ SMS Blaster will turn your website into a profitable revenue-generating machine. Start sending SMS discounts, coupons, special offers, and customer loyalty rewards in text messages that have a greater than 98% open rate. Our SMS marketing plugin lets you do just that with an easy mobile-friendly interface that you manage from the admin area of your website. This robust SMS marketing plugin offers these great features:
  • Send SMS to individuals, targeted lists, or opt-in subscribers.
  • Create unlimited targeted lists and easily import subscribers.
  • Acquire more subscribers via double opt-in SMS forms that display on any web page where HTML form code is inserted.
  • Build targeted lists from unlimited opt-in forms that include customized titles and descriptions.
  • Offer a digital incentive (free opt-in gift) to increase subscribers.
  • Require that subscribers agree with your terms and conditions within the opt-in form.
  • Create a birthday gift opt-in form where subscribers add their birthday month and day and automatically get a free digital gift from you on their birthday. Manage birthday gift easily from your account.
  • Have options to send regular or extra long text messages and view the character count as you type.
  • Include a coupon or other minified links in text messages.
  • Messages automatically include required opt-out instructions.
  • Create, edit, and clone coupons from a built-in coupon generator.
  • Send coupons with a choice of call-to-action options including click-to-call, click-to-buy, register, download, etc.
  • Easily select and insert any coupon you have created with the system.
  • Send SMS immediately or schedule for delivery at strategic times.
  • Receive sent data with each campaign.
  • Get full report data for deliverability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is SMS marketing so valuable?

We are in the midst of an explosive trend in smartphone use. Smartphone usage in the U.S. has increased from 40% in 2012 to 68.4% in 2017 and is rapidly climbing. According to statista.com, the US is one of the biggest smartphone markets globally with the total users worldwide forecast to exceed 2 billion by 2022. Text messages have a greater than 98% open rate. This far surpasses any other form of marketing. Sending text messages is the least costly of all marketing platforms. This makes strategic SMS marketing capable of producing the greatest return on investment.

Why are most businesses not using SMS marketing?

Some of the reasons are that they don’t use SMS marketing is that they don’t:

  • Know how to set up effective SMS campaigns
  • Have an easy system for sending SMS
  • Know what to send
  • Know how to time SMS for effective results
  • Know how to easily collect their customer’s mobile phone number
  • Know how to get permission.
  • Know how to adhere to compliance regulations.

What makes eZ SMS Blaster so powerful?

Everything you need to be successful with SMS marketing is included in one easy, versatile and affordable SMS system – all available within a WordPress admin area. Through the plugin you can:

  • Send to any or all countries where you wish to grow your market.
  • Choose from Twilio, Tenyx, or Vonage International SMS carriers.
  • Send SMS from a user-friendly, intuitive plugin in your WordPress admin.
  • Create and manage unlimited lists.
  • Import and opt-in subscribers for advanced targeting.
  • Create any number of opt-in forms.
  • Automate incentives to get subscribers to join a list.
  • Manage birthday form and gift designed for building a massive list.
  • Automate the delivery of promotional text messages at strategic times.
  • Use a coupon generator with flexible HTML Call-to-Action options.
  • Get delivery statistics per campaign and full reports.
  • Use a secure plugin on your domain with SSL.
  • Be fully compliant with federal rules and regulations for SMS and privacy.

Can I see how this plugin works before I buy it?

Yes, Sign up for demo access at https://ezsmsblaster.com/demo-page/. You can also get access by clicking on the blue demo plugin button. Once you sign up, your login access will be available in your email inbox. In the demo portal, you will have full access to plugin functionality except for the sending of SMS.

How is the plugin compliant with required SMS regulations?

  • Mobile phone numbers are encrypted and unreadable except for a logged-in administrative user.
  • All opt-in form subscribers are required to check a box stating that they agree with the posted terms & conditions.
  • All opt-in forms include a field for terms & conditions. We provide an example T&C that can be copied and pasted into that field with editing if desired. Additionally, the plugin automatically inserts from the general settings, the domain and company name of the SMS sender.
  • The site owner is required to check a box attesting to permission from contacts before importing contacts into an SMS list.
  • The system sends each message with the required opt-out message.
  • Through advanced searching and filters, it is easy to find and remove subscribers who wish to be removed from any and all lists to where they are subscribed. This additional feature assists with compliance with GEPR for contacts within the EU.

Can this plugin be used to send SMS globally?

Yes. The plugin administrator (user) can enable all countries where they wish to send SMS without limit. There are no restrictions globally. However, we recommend that users limit country access to areas where they are currently doing business or wish to expand their customer reach. Keep in mind that the more countries, the higher the risk for attempted hacking and fraud. Also, users who wish to send high volumes of SMS should have the plugin installed on a server that can handle a high volume capacity.

Who developed eZ SMS Blaster?

Webpuzzlemaster Digital Marketing Agency, incorporated as Webpuzzlemaster LLC, is responsible for all planning and development of eZ SMS Blaster. We are an innovative digital marketing company with a talented and highly-skilled strategy, marketing, and development team in operation as Webpuzzlemaster since 2007. Our mission and vision have always been to help local businesses use effective and affordable strategies to increase their brand, leads, sales, and reputation based on current trends and proven practices. That was the inspiration for the development of eZ SMS Blaster.

Is eZ SMS Blaster easy to use?

The plugin is designed to be extremely user-friendly even for users with minimal technical skills. Each part of the plugin is clearly labeled with helpful messages and default content to guide effective use. There is also a detailed help document available for each customer when they are logged in to their account.

What are some smart SMS marketing strategies?

  • Create lists to target diverse customer markets that you service. Then add an opt-in form with an incentive gift to a landing page targeted to each list you wish to target. Use marketing and advertising to drive traffic to the landing page.
  • Create a customer loyalty list for your best customers and send special offers to your exclusive customer list.
  • Add a birthday opt-in list to generate many more subscribers that you can send out promotional offers to.
  • Create a strategic plan for SMS that coincides with special events or holidays that are pertinent to your business. Then set up and schedule the SMS for automatic delivery at those strategic times.
  • Use the coupon generator to create coupons that provide you with a measurable return on investment. Make HTML coupons that can produce immediate sales through Click-to-Call, Click-to-Buy, and Click-to-Book Appointment actions.
  • Use opt-in incentives to deliver documents that increase your brand and leads through eBooks, white papers, and free reports.
  • Send alerts to customers when back-ordered products are back in stock.
  • Use SMS to let customers know about new products and services.
  • Provide incentives for customers to take immediate action on your offers.

Why should I use the birthday opt-in form?

Using a Birthday Opt-In Form is a great strategy for acquiring a general list of subscribers and building a list fast. The form includes fields for birthday month and day. When your gift is created and enabled, the system will automatically send your gift to subscribers on their birthday. You may change your gift at any time or disable the gift. You may also send bulk SMS to your birthday list at other times.

Why should I use the coupon generator?

The coupon generator is a powerful tool that can be used to produce leads and sales conversions. The generator makes it easy to design professional coupons delivered through a link with the text message that when clicked, displays a colorful HTML coupon that fits the phone screen and provides a clickable action.

What’s really most unique and important is that all messaging in the coupon is controlled by the administrative user in the admin as well as the call-to-action, terms and conditions, and date range of usage.

The call to action may include click-to-call, click-to-buy, download, book appointment, or register for event – each with a unique link that when clicked, sends the receiver to the exact location where they can take action and produce the intended conversion.

How can I get support?

Support is available for all customers for a one-year period from the time of purchase and for those who have paid for annual updates and support. Support is provided via a ticketing system that is accessed through the customer’s account when they are logged in. To request support, simply log in to your customer admin area and click the support button. You will be asked to complete a simple form detailing your problem. We will respond to your request within 24 hours Monday through Friday EST. We ask that you review the plugin help documentation provided before requesting support.

What SMS carriers does the plugin use?

The 3 carrier accounts integrated and compatible with eZ SMS Blaster plugin include a choice of Twilio, Telnyx, and Vonage. These are well-established telecommunications carriers that are highly regarded globally.

Is the plugin and associated costs affordable?

Yes. The plugin can be purchased for a one-time cost of $99 which includes updates and technical support for a one-year period from the time of purchase. Sending bulk SMS to a permission-based list is the most effective and affordable marketing platform available with the greatest return on investment. Besides the one-time purchase cost of the plugin, ongoing costs include

  • SMS carrier fees are charged by the user’s SMS carrier account that is integrated with the plugin by adding appropriate credentials in the plugin’s general settings. Beyond the trial period, the user must maintain sufficient funds in their carrier account to cover their SMS costs.
  • Updates and continued support are available for an annual fee of $99.
  • Should the user require assistance for setting up their carrier account, cron jobs, and/or general usage of the plugin, these services are available for an additional cost (see above Q&A).


Explore the ease of use and robust functionality of eZ SMS Blaster.